Tractor-pulled Compost Turners for High-quality Organic Fertilizer Production

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The tractor-type compost turner is an organic fertilizer production equipment specially used for rapid composting and fermentation of organic waste.

  • Product name: Organic fertilizer compost machine
  • Application: Compost making machine
  • Raw material: Poultry manure food bio waste
  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Color: Customizable
  • Keywords: Tractor-pulled compost turners machine
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    Tractor-Pulled Compost Turners


    Products Description

    The tractor-type compost turner is a professional organic fertilizer production equipment used for compost fermentation processing. The tractor pulls the pile turner to turn the biological waste. It is widely used in agriculture, horticulture environmental protection, and other fields. Effectively promote the rational utilization and resource utilization of organic waste and reduce environmental pollution. At the same time, we provide high-quality organic fertilizers for agricultural production.


    1. High efficiency composting: The unique paddle design of the tractor-type compost turner can quickly and evenly turn the mixed materials, thereby accelerating the composting process of organic materials.

    2. High productivity: The turning width of the composter can reach 2.5-3 meters, and it has a more throughput.

    3. Flexible adjustability: You can choose from two types of composting equipment, non-foldable and foldable, making it easy to transport and turn around on the road.

    Work Process

    First, the stack needs to be placed at the target location. The tractor pulls the composter to turn the long stack. The composter can be folded and erected when the vehicle turns, making it easier to transport and drive. Turning can effectively promote the activity of microorganisms and the decomposition of organic matter in the pile, thereby realizing the production and reuse of compost. Improve the quality and production efficiency of compost and reduce labor input.


    Technical Parameters

    Windrow width Windrow high Turning quantity Tractor requirements
    2.5-3m 0.8-3m 1200m³/h 60-80 POT HP

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