• Roller Type Urea Crusher

    Roller Type Urea Crusher

    The roller crusher is suitable for various brittle materials, such as granular urea, compound fertilizer, coal, slag, shale, loose limestone, etc. The compressive strength of the crushed material does not exceed 12MPa, and the surface moisture is less than 13%. Advantage: The roller crusher has ...
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  • Two-in-one organic compound granulator

    Two-in-one organic compound granulator

    The two-in-one organic compound compound granulator refers to: a new internal and external rotation organic compound granulator and a new buffer granulator, both of them are suitable for processing granules organic-inorganic compound fertilizers, and they both have the Common features: 1. The pro...
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  • Granules Fertilizer Making Machine

    Granules Fertilizer Making Machine

    We have different types pellet machine for fertilizer, or you can call it granulator, extruder for fertilizer, it can be oval, spherical and cylindrical shape, other tablets can be customized accordingly, diameter is from 2.0mm to 3cm or customized. For example : The ratio of bio-organic fertiliz...
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  • Promotion in September

    Promotion in September

    September is coming, and the New Year is soon in next three months. Zhengzhou Gofine Machine Equipment CO., LTD will bring you the following promotions for your information:   1. Target: let you choose the right granules fertilizer making machine include the double roller granulator, disk g...
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  • Gofine Improvment on the Disk or Pan Granulator

    Gofine Improvment on the Disk or Pan Granulator

        Above is 4.5m diameter disk or pan granulator testing before delivery. We have made improvent the electric screw adjustment which is easy for clients to change the angle of the pan or disk during the operation.  Disc granulator (also known as Handicap) feeding equipment for the vol...
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  • Testing on the Graphite Powder Granulating Machine

    Testing on the Graphite Powder Granulating Machine

    GOFINE Dry Rolling Granulator adopts dry rolling technology to compress powdery materials with 5% moisture content into flakes or blocks, and then through crushing, granulating and sieving processes, the flake materials are transformed into flakes or blocks.   ◆The parti...
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    Our loyal German Clients who order one 20GP container on the manure separator for delivery today. Manure Separator has different types, one is the screw press machine, the other is the oblique sorting and separating machine, both of them can treat the waste sludge, feces...
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  • Working Principle of Dry Roller Granulating Machine

    Working Principle of Dry Roller Granulating Machine

    The belt and pulley are driven by the motor, transmitted to the driving shaft through the reducer, and synchronized with the driven shaft through the split gear, and work in opposite directions. Various dry powder materials are added from the hopper at the top of the equipment, and enter two equa...
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  • Compound Fertilizer Granulation process

    Compound Fertilizer Granulation process

    Fertilizers are no stranger to farmers in many fields. Large quantities of fertilizers are needed almost every year. The main function of fertilizers is to improve soil properties and improve soil fertility. It is one of the material foundations of agricultural production; however, compound Ferti...
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  • Tips for buying suitable fertilizer equipment

    Tips for buying suitable fertilizer equipment

    One of the most issue is the price factors of fertilizer equipment: Fertilizer equipment is basically a large-scale machinery, and its price is high, so we must verify from the utilization rate when purchasing, whether the purchased machine can give full play to its Performance, whether its perfo...
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  • How to do the chicken manure composting?

    During the fermentation process of chicken manure, it is very important to control the temperature. If the temperature is too low, it will not reach the maturity standard; if the temperature is too high, the nutrients in the compost will be easily lost. The temperature in the compost is within 30...
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