Frontier Skid Steer Compost Pile Turner Equipment

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The Frontier Skid Steer Compost Pile Turner Equipment is suitable for the deep groove composting of organic solid wastes, such as the livestock manure, sludge and garbage, the machine walks along the rail of the fermentation groove, and its high efficiency turning operation is conductive to speeding up the fermentation of materials in the fermentation tank, reducing moisture content and improving composting quality, the series specifications of the machine can meet the width of various fermentation grooves.

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  • 1. The bracket structure with chain drive and rolling support is adopted, which has small turning resistance and saves electricity and energy, and is suitable for deep groove operation.
  • 2. Flexible tension and elastic shock absorber are equipped with flip-flop bracket to protect transmission system and working parts.
  • 3. The turning pallet is equipped with a removable wear-resistant curved tooth blade, which has strong crushing ability and good stack oxygen filling effect.
  • 4. When flipping, the material stays on the tray for a long time, disperses at a high level, contacts with the air sufficiently, and is easy to precipitate.
  • 5. Through horizontal and vertical displacement, it is possible to realize the turnover operation at any position in the tank.
  • 6. The lifting and working parts are controlled by hydraulic system, flexible and safe. Frontier Skid Steer Compost Pile Turner Equipment.
  • 7. Remote control of the machine's advance, lateral movement, flip and quick astern can be done remotely to improve the operating environment.


Model FJ6000*1050 FJ6000*1350
Power(kw) 25.74 41.5
Speed(m/h) 50 50
No-load Speed 100 100
Fermentation tank size(mm) 6000*1050 6000*1350
Dimension(mm) 6670*3920*2740 6700*4800*3200

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