Pig manure organic fertilizer production line:
Pigs are full of treasures and have no waste. Even pig manure is an excellent fertilizer for agriculture. Raising pigs to make money, pig manure fields. “More grain and more pigs, more pigs and more manure, more manure and more grain” is a virtuous ecological agricultural cycle. Pig manure is fine in texture and contains more organic matter and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients. Pig manure decomposes slowly and is suitable for base fertilizer. One pig’s manure can increase the yield of grain by 200-300 catties. But people usually think that pigs. It is a very dirty animal. In fact, pigs love to be clean. In the pigpen, pigs have fixed positions for eating, drinking, sleeping, and eating. Under the condition of modern pig raising, pig manure treatment is an environmental protection technology, otherwise it will cause environmental pollution. After the scientific treatment of fertilizer starter, pig manure can be added to high-quality organic fertilizer to achieve zero pollution, zero emission, no odor, and turn the manure into gold.
Organic fertilizer equipment production line, processing commercial organic fertilizer requires two steps: the pre-fermentation and treatment part and the deep-processing granulation part. Bio-organic fertilizer equipment needs fermentation turner, organic fertilizer pulverizer, drum screening machine, horizontal mixer, disc granulator, rotary dryer, cooler, screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine, conveying machine machine and other equipment.


Production process and process:
1. Harmless treatment of raw materials:
Primary aerobic fermentation – secondary anaerobic fermentation
①Material ratio ②Material construction ③Temperature requirement ④Moisture requirement ⑤Pile up and ventilate ⑥Fermentation completed
2. Raw material pretreatment: raw material crushing – sorting and screening
3. Production process of granulation workshop: mixing of raw materials
4. Raw material granulation
5. Particle moisture drying and dehumidification
6. Cool down and solidify
7. Particle classification and screening
8. Finished granule coating film
9. Finished Packaging


Features of this production process:
①Using anaerobic fermentation high temperature two-stage fermentation to recover
and utilize bioenergy.
②The use of a special granulator for organic fertilizer can form strong spherical
particles at a moisture content of 20% to 40%, which greatly saves energy and
equipment and improves the efficiency.
③During the drying process, it has the functions of polishing and rounding to make
the particles more round.
④It can be pure organic fertilizer granulation, or organic or inorganic fertilizer
granulation, no special requirements for granulation materials.
Definition of Organic Fertilizer:
Organic fertilizer refers to the use of crop straw and livestock and poultry manure as the main raw materials, after inoculation with microbial compound inoculants, the use of biochemical technology and microbial technology to completely kill pathogenic bacteria and parasite eggs, eliminate odors, and use microorganisms to decompose organic matter and change macromolecular substances. It is a small molecule, and then achieves the purpose of deodorization, decomposing, dehydration and drying, and makes organic fertilizer with excellent physical properties, medium carbon and nitrogen ratio test, and excellent fertilizer efficiency. Bio-organic fertilizer belongs to biological fertilizer, and the difference between it and microbial inoculant is mainly manifested in the aspects of bacterial species, production industry and application technology.


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