Horizontal Organic Waste Compost Fermentation Tank:

This equipment is mainly used to process organic organic mattersuch as pig manure, chicken manure, cow manure, sheep manure, mushroom residue, traditional Chinese medicine residue, crop straw, etc. Waste, the harmless treatment process can be completed in 10 hours, with a small footprint, no air pollution (closed fermentation), complete The bottom kills the eggs of disease and insects (the constant temperature can be adjusted to 60-100 ℃), has high anti-corrosion performance, andmany other advantages. It is an excellent choice for industrial and ecological agriculture to realize the utilization of waste resources.



1. High temperature aerobic fermentation, using high temperature biological bacteria technology, low energy consumption and low operating cost;
2. The equipment occupies a small area and has a high degree of automation. The fermentation process can be completed by one person;
3. Through the biological deodorization equipment, the gas discharge can meet the standard, and no secondary pollution will be generated;
4. The main body heat preservation design and auxiliary heating ensure the normal peration of the equipment in low temperature environment.


Post time: Apr-22-2022

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