We have different types pellet machine for fertilizer, or you can call it granulator, extruder for fertilizer, it can be oval, spherical and cylindrical shape, other tablets can be customized accordingly, diameter is from 2.0mm to 3cm or customized.

For example :

The ratio of bio-organic fertilizer, farmhouse manure (raw chicken manure), and diammonium phosphate compound fertilizer should be reasonable. The principle of fertilizing melons and fruits. Compare). When applying, it should be noted that there is too much salt in raw chicken manure, too much diammonium phosphate and too much phosphorus (18 nitrogen, 46 phosphorus), and the ratio of compound fertilizer nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is 15:15:15 or 16:16:16 Or 17:17:17. If you choose, you must first calculate, then match the ratio, and then apply.
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Post time: Nov-11-2021

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