Urea fertilizer, as a fertilizer with high nitrogen content, is one of the key nutrients necessary for plant growth. It can effectively promote the growth of leaves and rhizomes, and improve the yield and quality of crops. At the same time, urea is also one of the relatively cheap sources of nitrogen fertilizer. It can be mixed and matched with other fertilizers to meet the needs of plants for a variety of nutrients. This makes urea fertilizer widely used in agricultural production. 1

Why Crush Urea

To improve the fertilizer efficiency and utilization rate of urea, urea is usually crushed into finer particles. The crushed urea particles are more easily absorbed and utilized by plants and dissolve faster.  The particle size is more uniform and can be better distributed in the soil. Ensure even distribution of nutrients and improve the effectiveness of fertilization.


How To Crush Urea

A urea crusher is a piece of equipment specially used to crush urea. The gap between the roller and the concave surface is used to crush and cut the urea. By adjusting the distance between the two rollers, the fineness of crushing can be controlled. The equipment has a simple structure, a small footprint, and high crushing efficiency. It has good sealing performance, is easy to clean and maintain, and has high-cost performance and reliability.



Which Urea Fertilizer Best

Urea fertilizer usually exists in the form of crystalline urea, urea granules, urea liquid, etc. How to define the best urea fertilizer depends on many factors such as crop type, soil conditions, and fertilization method.

Liquid urea is typically used with irrigation systems and comes in liquid form that is more easily absorbed by crops.

The size of granular urea can be adjusted according to the fertilization method and soil conditions. Often used as a slow-release fertilizer to provide a long-lasting supply of nutrients to plants.


Urea fertilizers are widely used in agricultural production, and the appropriate form can be selected according to specific fertilization needs, crop types, and soil conditions. Whether in liquid or solid form, urea fertilizer provides important nitrogen nutrients to promote crop growth and increase yields.

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