Disk or Pan Granulator Traditional Fertilizer Granules Making Machine

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The disc granulator also called the ball forming machine, is one of the main equipment in the compound fertilizer production line and the organic fertilizer production line. The disc angle of the disc granulator adopts an integral arc structure, and the granulation rate is high. The disc granulator is equipped with three discharge ports. The reducer and motor of the disc granulator are driven by flexible belts, which can start smoothly, reduce the impact force and increase the service life of the disc granulator. The bottom of the disc granulator is reinforced with multiple radiant steel plates, which is firm and durable. The thickened, heavier and firm base design of the disc granulator does not require anchor bolts to fix it, and it runs smoothly.

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Disc granulator is commonly referred to as pelletizing machine, pelletizing disc, disc pelletizing machine, disc pelletizing machine, etc. The disc pelletizing machine is mainly suitable for powdery, small granular or small block materials. It is not suitable for the pelletizing of plastic and disposable lunch box materials, such as coal powder, cement, clinker, chemical fertilizer, etc. The inclination angle of the disc of the disc granulator can be adjusted by the user, and the adjustment range is between 35° and 55°.


The disc granulator is composed of a large plate, a large gear, a transmission part, a frame, a base, a scraper rack, and a scraper. The disc granulator has the advantages of uniform pellet size, stable operation, long service life, simple structure, low height, and convenient use and maintenance.



Compared with the granulator used in the industrial production line, the laboratory disc granulator has the same granulation capacity and equipment function, except that the diameter of the disc of the laboratory granulator is small (500mm), but its workmanship is exquisite, compact and stable. Good performance (no need to be fixed, it can be placed directly on the table), equipped with power 380V and 220V voltage for users to choose.



Type YZ1800 YZ2500 YZ3000 YZ3600
Disk diameter 1.8m 2.5m 3m 3.6m
Working speed 21rpm 14rpm 14rpm 13rpm
power 3kw 7.5kw 11kw 18.5kw
Dimension 2x1.7x2.13mm 2.9x2x2.75m 3.4x2.4x3.1m 4.1x2.9x3.8
Capacity 0.8-1.2t/h 1.5-2.0t/h 3-4t/h 4-5t/h



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