Wide Use Dry Powder Pelleting Machine

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The flat die dry pelleting machine is one of the main organic fertilizer production equipment currently produced by our company. It is a fertilizer machine that our scientific and technical personnel have repeatedly studied, improved and carefully manufactured based on the pellet machine with many years of production experience. The machine has excellent technology and simple operation.  And designed a variety of models with different models, is an ideal processing machinery for fertilizer processing units.

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  • 1.The flat die dry powder pellet machine material processed granule is smooth and the hardness is moderate. The temperature rise during the processing is low and the nutrients inside the raw material can be better maintained.
  • 2.The particles produced by this machine have low moisture content and are easy to store, and can remain intact for a long time in water, which greatly improves the utilization rate of materials.
  • 3.The machine adopts a central pressure regulating structure to adapt to different materials and ensure the suppression effect. it has wide application, like compost fertilizer powder, wood chips, corn stalks, etc. requires a lot of pressure to make the final particles in good strength.
  • 4.The pressure roller of this model adopts oblique wheels. And the two ends are consistent with the line speed of the inner and outer ring of the mold plate, and there is no dislocation friction between the wheel and the mold, which reduces the resistance, reduces the kinetic energy loss, and prolongs the service life of the mold.


Model KP-400 KP-600 KP-800
Yield(t/h) 1.8-2.5 2.5-3.5 4-5
Granulation rate >95% >95% >95%
Particle temperature rise(℃) <30 <30 <30
Particle diameter(mm) 3-30 3-30 3-50
Power(kw) 22 45 75
Total Weight(kg) 1200 1800 2500

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