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The palletizing robot is mainly designed for packaging applications. Although the body is small and can be integrated into a compact packaging machine, it can meet all your requirements in terms of reach and payload. The structure is very simple, easy to maintain and repair; the main components are few and the accessories are few, so the maintenance cost is very low; the manipulator palletizer can be set in a narrow space and can be used effectively; all controls can be operated on the control cabinet screen However, the operation is very simple. It can be operated around the clock, and equipped with robotic hands can replace the workload of many workers, which can save hundreds of thousands of human resource costs every year and achieve downsizing and increasing efficiency!

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The high-position palletizer is a palletizing equipment suitable for large chemical companies. It has the characteristics of fast palletizing speed, relatively high stability, and easy maintenance and maintenance. However, the disadvantage is that the large body requires relatively high space requirements and is not suitable for small companies. we also have the Robot Arm which is imported from Aborad, like ABB brand, Eagle brand, etc.


Palletizing form: high-position palletizing
Stack structure: 2×3 groups, 5 bags/layer, 8 layers/stack (1000kg)
3×3×4 groups, 10 bags, 8 layers/stack (1200kg)
Palletizing capacity: 1200 bags/h
Pallet form: plastic or wooden or steel, the specific structure is provided by the user
Tray size: 1200×1000×150mm, the specific size is determined according to equipment requirements



The high-position automatic palletizer can perform automatic palletizing operations on various packaging bags. It has the characteristics of fast palletizing speed, neat palletizing, and high level of automation. The equipment is composed of flattening, capital adjustment, marshalling, layered lifting and other devices The whole set of equipment moves accurately and reliably. The maintenance is convenient, the labor cost is saved, and the automation level of the enterprise is improved.

1. The touch screen control operation panel of the palletizer adopts PLC control, and realizes human-computer interaction through the friendly interface of the touch screen, which is simple to operate and realizes the monitoring of the on-site production process.

2. Packing bag flattening device, using reasonable mechanical structure to realize flattening operation of packing bags, so that the materials will evenly fill the packing bags and keep the bags flat.

3. The palletizing and turning bag transfer device can realize the rotation of the packaging bag by plus or minus 90 degrees or 180 degrees, so that the sewing openings of all packaging bags face the inside, making the stacking row more beautiful and firm.

4. The marshalling device, the high-sensitivity detection switch controls the start and stop of the marshalling conveyor and the bag picking manipulator to realize the orderly arrangement of the packaging bags.

5. The stacking layer lifting device realizes the stacking of eight layers of packaging bags through position control, and the empty trays are automatically supplied, and the action is continuous, accurate and reliable.

6. The typical stacking shape is a 5-pack*8-layer stacking shape realized on the pallet, and the stacking is output through the tray conveyor, and the stacking shape is neat and beautiful.




Model: PM50 (DS-50AM)

Alias: High-position palletizer

Working capacity: 500-600 bags/hour

Palletizing layers: 1-12 layers

Power supply: 380V 50HZ three-phase four-wire

Host size: L2400MMXW2000MMXH3000MM

Exercise power: 5-12.5KW

Palletizing station: Wuhuaduo Liushunduo

Air supply pressure: 0.6-1.0MPA

Equipment weight 2000KG

Scope of application: film packages, packaging bags

Equipment type: soft pallet/hard pallet




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