Organic Fertilizer Round Shaping Machine

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The Organic Fertilizer Round Shaping Machine is equipped with a rounding device on the basis of the organic fertilizer compound fertilizer granulator, which makes the cylindrical particles roll into balls at a time, with high balling rate, good strength and beautiful appearance. After various pellets are rounded, they can make the pellets bright and smooth, with high strength, the ball formation rate is as high as 95%, and the ball return rate is low, so it can reduce energy consumption and increase output.

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Advantages and Features

  1. 1. Large capacity , could working with one set or several sets Granulator Machine at the same time, is flexible. Solved the problem previously that one set Granulator Machine must be equipped with one set Round Polishing Machine.  The production line is more simple, equipment investment is less, final products produced more uniform.
  2. 2. Organic Fertilizer Round Shaping Machine consists of two or more Round Polishing Disc arranged in turn, material been repeated polish into round shape, then discharge from the outlet.Finished products are same size, large density, round and smooth, high Ball Forming rate ≥ 95%.Few fines flow from the disc gap to another outlet.
  3. 3. Organic Fertilizer Round Shaping Machine with nice appearance, simple structure, safe and reliable.
  4. 4. Easy operation and maintenance, can be used to operate according to the instructions .
  5. 5. Good Anti-overload ability, able to adapt to a variety of working environments.
  6. 6. Power consumption is small, low production costs, high economic efficiency.


Model PYJ 800-2 PYJ 1000-2 PYJ 1200-2 PYJ 1200-3 PYJ 1500-2 PYJ 1500-3
Yield(t/h) 2.2-3.5 3.5-5 4-7 6-9 5-8 7-10
Ball forming rate ≥ 95% ≥ 95% ≥ 95% ≥ 95% ≥ 95% ≥ 95%
Particle temperature <30 Celsius <30 Celsius <30 Celsius <30 Celsius <30 Celsius <30 Celsius
Power(kw) 4x2 5.5x2 7.5x2 7.5x3 11x2 11x3
Spindle diameter(mm) 800mm 1000mm 1200mm 1200mm 1500mm 1500mm
Applicability  Fertilizer, feed, and other particles etc.

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