Our loyal German Clients who order one 20GP container on the manure separator for delivery today. Manure Separator has different types, one is the screw press machine, the other is the oblique sorting and separating machine, both of them can treat the waste sludge, feces and other liquid waste with lower moisture, thus it can be also called the dehydrator. The manure separator machine is made of 304 SS, it is durable and strong during the operation.
When you collect all the waste in a pool or tank, then the pump will convey the liquid waste to the manure separator, under the high pressure extruding of screw press, the liquid is rapidly going down from the sieve or screen, while the solid will be pressed to the outlet. It is simple operation and labor saved for your farm. 
Welcome you to know more on the cow manure separator, there is extra spare parts will be sent free on the order of hot June. We will do the label according to each client requirements. 


Post time: Jun-04-2021

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