The organic fertilizer polishing machine produced by our company is a rounding equipment for shaping the granules such as ring die granulation, flat die granulation and collision granulation. High ball rate, good strength, beautiful and practical. The circular polishing machine can be used for the beauty of all granular fertilizers. The granular fertilizer produced by extrusion granulation or disc granulation process can make the fertilizer particles uniform in size, accurate in roundness, bright and smooth on the surface after being rounded by the circular polishing machine. High strength, the pelleting rate of fertilizer is as high as 98%, and the pelletizing rate is low, so it can reduce energy consumption and increase output. The granules produced have low moisture content and are easy to dry. At the same time, it can also produce feed pellets, which is an ideal equipment for making pellets from organic fertilizers.


Post time: Jun-17-2022

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