During the fermentation process of chicken manure, it is very important to control the temperature. If the temperature is too low, it will not reach the maturity standard; if the temperature is too high, the nutrients in the compost will be easily lost. The temperature in the compost is within 30 cm from the outside to the inside. Therefore, the metal rod of the thermometer used to measure temperature must be longer than 30 cm. When measuring, it must be inserted into the compost more than 30 cm in order to accurately reflect the fermentation temperature of the compost.

Requirements of fermentation temperature and time:

After the composting is over, the chicken manure enters the first fermentation stage. It will automatically heat up to above 55°C and maintain it for 5 to 7 days. At this time, it can kill most of the parasite eggs and harmful bacteria and reach the harmless treatment standard. Turn the pile once in about 3 days, which is conducive to ventilation, heat dissipation, and even decomposing.

After 7-10 days of fermentation, the temperature naturally drops below 50°C. Because some strains will lose their activity due to the high temperature during the first fermentation, the second fermentation is needed. Add 5-8 kg of strain mixture again and mix well. At this time, the moisture content is controlled at about 50%. If you grab a handful of chicken manure in your hand, hold it tightly into a ball, your palms are damp, and there is no water seeping out between your fingers, indicating that the moisture is suitable.

The temperature of the second fermentation should be controlled below 50°C. After 10-20 days, the temperature in the compost will drop below 40°C, which reaches the maturity standard.

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