Commerical Best Self Propelled Spiral Compost Mixing Machine

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The Commerical Best Self Propelled Spiral Compost Mixing Machine is suitable for fermentation and turning of organic wastes such as large-span and high-depth livestock and poultry manure, sludge garbage, sugar mill filter sludge, slag cakes and straw sawdust. It is widely used in organic fertilizer plants, urban waste treatment plant, sludge garbage plant, garden field and Agaricus bisporus plantation, etc.

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Widely used in fermentation and dewatering operations of organic fertilizer plants, urban waste plants, sludge waste plants, garden fields and Agaricus bisporus plantations. welcome you to know more on Commerical Best Self Propelled Spiral Compost Mixing Machine .


Commerical Best Self Propelled Spiral Compost Mixing Machine can move forward, backward and turn freely and all these moves are manipulated by one person. The bio-organic materials should be piled first on the ground or in workshops in a strip shape.Compost turner works by bestriding above the strip compost piled in advance; rotating knives installed on a strong rotary drum under the tractor rack are the exact tools to blend, loosen or move piled compost.After turning, a new strip compost pile is formed and wait to continue fermentation. There is compost thermometer to measure compost temperature so as to a second time turning.



1. High turning depth: its turning depth can reach 1.5-3 meters, ; width of operation can be 10-30m.

2. Low energy consumption: adopting high-efficiency energy-saving transmission mechanism, under the same workload, it consumes 70%

3. Less energy than traditional turning equipment.

4. High degree of automation: Equipped with a fully automated electrical control system, no human operation is required during equipment running.

5. Turning with no dead angle: symmetrical turning of the wheel, no dead angle turning under the displacement of the speed-shifting truck.



Model Main Motor Power(kw) Moving Motor Power(kw) Trolley Motor Power(kw) Turning Width(m) Turning Depth(m)
WF-200 45 5.5*2 2.2*4 20 1.5-2
WF-300 55 7.5*2 3*2 30 1.5-2.5



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