Automatic Compost Disposer and Fermenter Compost Bioreactor

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Automatic Compost Disposer and Fermenter Compost Bioreactor adopts the aerobic fermentation method and makes the organic matter quickly compost in short time(24 HOURS) with no secondary pollution . The focused terrible smell and harmful gas problem can be perfectly solved by our special designed deodorization system.Our compost tank is made in automatically high-tech production lines. It is an automatic and intelligently controlled composting machine. All the componets are up to standard .With many years experience accumulated and buyers’ feedback, we continously innovate and update our products, and it can greatly satisfy high requests.

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Automatic Compost Disposer and Fermenter Compost Bioreactor is an vertical and completely enclosed composting system which professionally manages chicken manure ,pig manure and died poultry body, and bio waste from farm, food waste, sludge, etc. into high quality powder organic fertilizer. The high-value organic fertilizer benefits to different plants and crops.Organic fertilizer is favorable to increase amount of soil organic matter and to improve soil physical environment.


Automatic Compost Disposer and Fermenter Compost Bioreactor has the characteristics of short fermentation period, cover small area and friendly environment. The closed aerobic fermentation tank is composed of nine systems: feed system, silo reactor, hydraulic drive system, ventilation system, discharge system, exhaust and deodorization system, panel and electronic control system. Livestock and poultry manure is suggested to add a small amount of excipients like straw and microbial inoculum according to their moisture content and heat value. The feeding system is put into the silo reactor, and the feces are agitated by the impeller blades of the driving mechanism to form a continuous agitation state in the silo.

At the same time, the aeration and heat recovery devices of the equipment provide dry hot air for the aeration impeller blades. A uniform hot air space is formed at the back of the blade, which is in full contact with the material for oxygen supply, heat transfer; dehumidification and ventilation. The air is collected and treated from the bottom of the silo through the stack. The temperature in the tank during fermentation can reach 65-83°C, which can ensure the killing of various pathogens. The moisture content of the material after fermentation is about 35%, and the final product is safe and harmless organic fertilizer. The reactor is a closed whole. After the odor is collected through the top pipeline, it is washed and deodorized by water spray and discharged to the standard. It is a new generation of organic fertilizer fermentation tank/tower which is suitable for different regions, based on the similar equipment and through improvement and upgrading. Advanced technology level, and favored by the majority of market.



1. it is automatically operation, no worker need during the fermentation period.

2. patent technology on the hydraulic mixing system and lifting device.

3. broken bridge insulation technology application and uniform discharge design.

4. max heat thermal storage even in cold weather and friendly environment protection.



Model L-102
Total capacity (m2) 102
hopper capacity (m2) 1.5
Entity weight (t) 33
Power AC380V(HZ) 50
Top blower (kw) 4
Below blower (kw) 2*12.5
Electric heating (selection) (kw) 7.5
Hydraulic motor (kw) 11
Feeder motor (kw) 0.37
Hopper Lifting machine (kw) 4
Deodorizing Induced Draft Fan/Water pump(kw) 4/0.55
Installed power (kw) 56.42
Installed power (No heating) (kw) 48.92
24-hour average power (kw) 22
Length, width and height 7.0*8.0*9.4
Pot diameter (m) 5.5
Daily working ability
Chicken manure, pig manure (moisture content: 55-65%} Cattle dung, kithen garbage sludge(moisture content: 60-70%)
10-14 8-12



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